Konzer Sommerkonzerte
Sommerakademie für Klavier und Kammermusik

Konz is a small town in the south-west of Germany, at the confluence of the rivers Saar and Moselle. The city is located a few miles from Trier, and near the borders of Luxembourg, France and Belgium, in a charming landscape surrounded by vineyards. Trier, as one of the most important former Roman centres, is of great historical value.


Directions to Konz

Konz is situated about 5 miles (8 km) south of Trier.

By car: take the motorway to Trier, then follow signs to Konz   (B-51). To the Academy follow the signs to "Kloster Karthaus".

By train:  there are plenty of connections from Trier, Luxembourg, and Koblenz. From Cologne it is best to travel via Trier. Travelling from Frankfurt you should travel via Koblenz to Trier/Konz. From Paris it is best to go via Metz-Luxembourg, and if you are travelling from Brussels you should go via Luxembourg. There are various railway stations in Konz and the closest station to the Academy is "Konz-Karthaus".

Connections from the airports: from Frankfurt-Hahn, take the shuttle-bus to Trier. If you are travelling from Luxembourg you can take the bus to Trier or go to the central railway station and then catch the train to Konz/Trier. From Frankfurt am Main you can go via Koblenz to Trier/Konz by train, and if you are travelling from Cologne/Bonn you should go to the central station of Cologne or Bonn, then get the train to Trier/Konz. From Brussels you ought to proceed to the city centre, then take the train to Luxembourg, changing towards Konz/Trier.